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View Our Ranking of Schools with Equine Studies or Equine Science Programs

HorseSchools.com helps individuals who wish to pursue a career in the equestrian industry find the schools that best suit their needs. Quantifiable data is compliled for many schools with equine studies or equine science programs throughout North America. Prospective students can compare programs based on this data.

Prior to searching the list of schools, you may find it helpful to read some of the articles related to equine education. These articles discuss different types of education available, choosing the type of career you might want, identifying important characterstics to look for in an equine program, etc.

During your search, keep in mind that many very important aspects of a school's equine program such as safety, quality of instruction, reputation in the equine industry, etc. are not included on this site because they are not easily quantifiable. Use this site as a tool to narrow down the list of schools that you feel are best suited to your needs, then do your own research on those schools by visiting their web sites, requesting information from them about their programs, visiting their campuses, and talking to people who have been through their programs.